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Fiscally and Physically Fit
The phenomenal rise in property values over the past 25 years has benefited one group of homeowners more than any other — the asset-rich, time-rich fiftysomethings who are coming up for retirement.

Shelf Esteem
In the era of the iPad and Kindle, technophiles may be cheerfully contemplating living in a bookless world. Designers, however, are whipping up a bibliophile backlash, celebrating a new the way printed books bring colour and texture to our interiors.

Property Crash!
A homeowner who splashed out £150,000 on a clifftop house suffered a property crash just days later, when the bottom of the garden collapsed in a massive rock fall.

Alternative Energy Blooms
Bloom Energy officially unveiled its much-hyped Bloom Energy Server at a press conference today at eBay's headquarters. The 100KW fuel cell is designed to be used off-grid and to cut carbon emissions.

Home Ownership Drop
The new English housing survey published by the Department of Communities and Local Government shows a sharp change in the trends in homeownership and renting in recent years, compared to those exhibited in the second half of the 20th century.

Love Thy Neighbour
These properties are some of the most remote in the world. Wouldn't we all like to have some peace and quiet some times?

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